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Who are we?

Health Hub Narwee is a family medical centre that offers a wide range of Medical and Allied Services. The founders have been serving the local community for over 50 years and are now extending our passion to service the community’s health needs.

Our Team is committed to providing the best possible care for our patients.

Health Hub Narwee is designed as a state-of-the-art centre conveniently located just a stone throw away from Narwee Train Station and staffed by an experienced team of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals dedicated and focused on preventative health for better outcomes. We offer an extensive range of services and looking to build on these as the Communities needs and wants change. We also have full time nurses and Pathology onsite for your care and convenience. We accept all CTP and workers compensation claims as well.

Our History

Health Hub Narwee (HHN) is the brainchild of George Koletti and Michael Gavriel. Family friends since they were children and strong family and ties, Michael and George have also been business partners for more than a decade.

George went to School in High School in Narwee and his family has owned and operated business in the local area since the early 1960’s. The family has always supported the local area and had strong ties to the community for more than half a century.

Michael also has family in the local area and spent much of his youth here.

Their decision to start HHN was inspired by Linda Lloyd, the local pharmacist with strong family and business ties to the community.

Linda’s father Fred Lloyd was the steadfast face of Pharmacy to the local community since 1964. His Narwee Pharmacy was just meters away from the current location of HHN practice and Linda’s Narwee Pharmacy, which she runs with her business Partner Joe Keledjian, another local Narwee boy.

It was during a normal prescription filling that George and Linda started a conversation about the real need to have a medical centre in the vacant next-door space, which inspired George to raise the crazy idea with his long-term mate and business partner Michael.

Together they all embarked on a journey to provide much needed health and medical services to the local community that they are all so closely connected to.

These strong family and community ties are what makes HHN and Narwee Pharmacy such a rare and wonderful commodity. It’s true what they say about “Service with a Smile”, it’s not all lost!

Our Values



Giving our patients the information they need to make informed choices about their health.



The reason we exist!



Showing regard for one’s background, feelings, choice and circumstances.


Quality care

Caring for each other is both a choice and a responsibility.



Helping those most vulnerable and in need are fundamental values in us all.



Be present and available to assist


Our Mission

Health Hub Narwee is a holistic Health and Wellness Centre that provides Medical, Allied Health, Pathology, Counselling, Pharmacy Services and other wellness support to individuals in the community.

We do this in a caring and supportive practice focused on results and education. We are passionate about providing quality healthcare that is designed with your needs in mind and strive for excellence by always acting with compassion, friendliness, and professionalism.

It is fundamentally important to us that all members of our community feel comfortable approaching us for help with their health needs.  We want them to feel at ease during every visit by offering services like allied health care, onsite pathology and access to many government health support plans.

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